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How an Albany’s Real Estate Property Management Company Successfully Leveraged Live Video

31 Oct 2016 Albany 0 Comment

Greg Pearson and his company, Professionals Arthur Johnston Snowball, manage 650+ properties in Albany, Western Australia. The city has just under 4,000 residents, but some of their videos have garnered 1,300 views. Their live walk-throughs have even led to closings on properties, sight-unseen. The savvy use of Livestream has helped them develop a successful know-like-trust relationship with clients, and their model is easy to replicate.

First, property managers simply used their smartphones and posted live walk-throughs of their properties to their company page, allowing people to experience potential new homes while never leaving their own. You can share live videos with anyone you want to on Facebook, like a friend’s timeline, a group page, or any page that you manage. Using the same Livestream tool on your desktop and inviting the individual property managers to go live from their locations, you can even show various properties at one time. This has the potential to create bidding wars right there in the comment section.

Second, Pearson doesn’t limit his company’s content to walk-throughs. He builds trust by also doing how-to’s in real estate. For example, an instructional video on setting up inspection appointments informs clients about the process, not taking their knowledge for granted. This approach can be a creative outlet for your property management company to make itself unique and inviting to interested consumers, giving you a face and personality beyond your logo.

Third, the Albany property management company interacts with their customers online, answering questions they leave in the comment sections of their live videos. It helps them with pricing and connecting the right people to the right properties. Being able to engage with someone immediately speeds up the process for everyone, making it easier and cheaper as they go along.

Last, know that reputation sells. Not only is this company consistent, posting about 2-3 videos per week, but they are committed to service above the sale. Real estate has evolved, and so must your leasing consultants. They have a quality system and their customers talk about it. They have 20 positive reviews on Google and a 4.9 star rating on Facebook because they stand behind what they’re doing. When 70% of people are using Google to search for local businesses, you don’t stand a chance if you don’t have positive feedback. People need to see social proof, so give them a reason to rave about you.

Real estate property management has changed in Albany, WA, thanks to Greg Pearson’s clever dedication to live video. Renters and buyers have chosen him from among the rest because he set his company apart from the competition by using interactive content and being committed outstanding service.

For the complete interview, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoHW7PjrnPw.

If they can see this kind of payoff in a small Australian city, imagine how it could work in your own market.

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